The First Parramatta SDA Church building 1892
10 December, 1892 Dedication of the first Parramatta SDA Church at 15 Charles Street, with Robert Hare as minister
Fri 27 Jan, 1893 Ellen White arrives in Parramatta from Melbourne on her way to N.Z. and stays one week
Sabb 28 Jan, 1893 Ellen White preaches in Parramatta Church from John 14
Sun 29 Jan, 1893 Ellen White speaks to a large audience in the Parramatta Town hall in the evening
Sabb 4 Feb, 1893 Ellen White leaves Sydney by ship to New Zealand at 2 pm. AG Daniels visits Parramatta Church in April
20 Dec, 1893 Ellen White returns to Sydney by ship from New Zealand
Tues, 24 Dec, 1893 Ellen White travels to Brighton, Melbourne for Australia’s first SDA camp meeting
Mon, 26 Mar, 1894 Ellen White returns to Sydney by overnight train
27 March, 1894 Ellen White moves to the Parramatta area for 22 months, first in Granville, then in Harris Park
May, 1894 Trial of the SDA Firth Brothers for working on Sunday. They are ordered to be placed in stocks
19-30 Oct, 1894 Ellen White walks 13km to Sydney’s first camp meeting at Ashfield, bringing her own cow from Parramatta
24 June, 1895 Ellen White preaches at Parramatta Church for 3 hours, from 11am to after 2 pm.
25 December, 1895 Ellen White moves to “Sunnyside”, at Cooranbong where she lives for nearly 5 years
Sept, 1896 Ellen White travels to Adelaide for South Australia’s first SDA camp meeting
1898 Ellen White attends Brisbane SDA camp meeting
29 August, 1900 Ellen White sails back to the USA on the ship “Moana”. A.G Daniels returns to USA via South Africa
December, 1900 Parramatta SDA Church has 30 members
July 1916 First SDA church camp meeting held in the Parramatta district
1917 Auburn SDA Primary School begins, supported by Parramatta SDA Church
1927 Pastor J.W. Kent runs public evangelistic meetings in the Parramatta Town Hall
1 October, 1932 Pr. Reuben Hare, son of Robert Hare preaches at the 40th anniversary of Parramatta Church dedication
November, 1936 Legal problem regarding church land resolved
7 March, 1937 Second Parramatta SDA Church building at 15 Charles St Parramatta dedicated with 65 members
1940 Pr. M.H. Whittaker becomes the first regular pastor of the new brick church
June, 1945 Adventist Crusaders formed by Ken Mead and continues for 3 years
1952 60th anniversary of church dedication, first Carols By Candlelight held in Parramatta Park
1954 Pr. Douglas Jenkins becomes pastor for two years (1954-1955)
1956 Pr. Mel Stewart becomes pastor for five years (1956-1960), church has 178 members, church hall built
Parramatta SDA Church Hall Destroyed by Fire 1981
4 October, 1981 Church hall destroyed by fire. Peter Ansell and Pr Ken Landers assistant pastors
1982 Carter Report with Pr John Carter held in the Sydney Opera House, supported by Parramatta SDA Church
1983 Carter Report with Pr John Carter held in a large mission tent at Concord
1984 Church members decide to relocate from Charles Street
1985 Three blocks of land purchased at Hammers Road Northmead
July, 1985 Six day court case to defend Parramatta SDA church development application for the new church
1986 15 Charles Street land sold. Last Sabbath in the Charles Street Church on 25 October, 1986..
1987 Foundations laid for new church, designed by Tony James
Hammers Road Church building opens 1988
9 April, 1988 The third Parramatta SDA Church building at Hammers Road opens for worship, George Metcalfe is pastor
14 May, 1988 Hammers Road Church official opening with membership of 151
1988 Pathfinder club recommences. Parramatta bicentenary display in the Town Hall
1989 Pr. Metcalfe holds evangelistic meetings. Creative Activities starts in May, led by Sally Nelthrop
1990 Pr. Denis Hankinson (1990-1991) replaces Pr. Metcalfe. Grenville Kent (1990-1993) is the youth pastor.
1990 Grenville Kent commences Ad Lib as a Friday night youth program
1991 Pr Lionel Smith (1991 – 1994) replaces Pr. Hankinson. Church membership is 264
16 May, 1992 Parramatta SDA Centenary book published. Centenary Sabbath taken by the division president, Dr. Bryan Ball
1994 Pr Roger Govender is assistant pastor
1995 Pr. Roger Govender (1995-2000) replaces Pr Smith as church pastor
1998 Parramatta soup kitchen starts
7 May, 2000 Pr. Geoff. Youlden begins “Jesus 2000”, the first evangelistic satellite program from Australia
Dec 2000 Parramatta SDA Church has 436 members
2001 Pr David Jack (2001-2002) replaces Pr Govender
2003 Pr. Rein Muhlberg (2003-2009) replaces Pr Jack Parramatta SDA Church Plant at Rouse Hill 2003
2003 Pastor Jack and about 30 Parramatta Church members start the Mile End Church plant at Rouse Hill
2004 Sam Fiaalli (2004-2005) becomes assistant pastor
2006 Victor Lee (2006-part 2007) replaces Sam Fiaalli as assistant pastor
2007 Tim Shelton (2007-2009) replaces Victor Lee as assistant pastor
2008 20 years in the new Hammers Road church celebrated with Pastor Adrian Craig
2009 Igor Shemet (2009-2011) becomes the second assistant pastor
2010 Pr Gilbert Cangy (2010) replaces Pr Muhlberg
2010 Johnny Murrison (2010-2011) replaces Tim Shelton as assistant pastor
2011 Pr Gilbert Cangy appointed as World Youth Leader at the General Conference in USA
2011 Pr David McKibben (2011- 2015) replaces Pr Gilbert Cangy.
2012 Pr Jean-Pierre Martinez becomes assistant pastor, replacing Pr Igor Shemet and Pr Johnny Murrison
2013 The world SDA Church celebrates its 150th anniversary with 18 million members
30 November 2013 Parramatta SDA Church celebrates 25 years at Hammers Road with Pr Michael Worker. Membership 365
Jan. 2016 Pr Garth Bainbridge (2016- ) replaces Pr McKibben, Ben Turner replaces Pr Jean-Pierre Martinez.
June 2016 Abigail Figueroa (part 2016) becomes the second assistant pastor for 6 months
April 2017 The World SDA Church has 20 million members, 81,000 churches, 69,000 companies and 19,000 ministers